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Download the VM image file again, and unpack the TAR or ZIP file. Replace the file in that new folder that ends in "-homes.vmdk" with the file you previously saved. Set up the VM again, starting with step #3 - "Start the 'Linux Home VM' instance." The file that ends in "-homes.vmdk" is the disk partition that contains your VM's home directory. How To Setup An Ubuntu Linux VM In Azure With Remote Feb 28, 2018 What is Linux virtual machine (Linux VM)? - Definition Sep 03, 2014 Get Ubuntu | Download | Ubuntu

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I will give the virtual machine a 20GB virtual hard disk. Now, for better performance, select Store virtual disk as a single file and click on Next. Now, click on Finish. A new virtual machine should be created. Now, click on the newly created virtual machine from the library panel to open it. Now, go to VM … Watch This Before Installing Linux | Oracle VM VirtualBox Jul 26, 2020

Choose VM > Install VMware Tools. The remaining steps take place inside the virtual machine. 3. As root (su -), mount the VMware Tools virtual CD-ROM image, change to a working directory (for example, /tmp), uncompress the installer, then unmount the CD-ROM image. Note: Some Linux distributions automatically mount CD-ROMs. If your distribution

Linux on IBM Z (or Linux on Z for short, and previously Linux on z Systems) is the collective term for the Linux operating system compiled to run on IBM mainframes, especially IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE servers. Similar terms which imply the same meaning are Linux on zEnterprise, Linux on zSeries, Linux/390, Linux/390x, etc. The terms zLinux or z/Linux are also sometimes used, but these terms are Community: Linux |VMware Communities Jun 23, 2020