Section Two — IDENTITY THEFT CASE REVIEW REPORT . Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Program Estimating the Impact of Audits Identity Theft Case Review Report. IDENTITY THEFT CASE REVIEW REPORT: A Statistical Analysis of Identity . Theft Cases Closed in June 2014. INTRODUCTION

FBI — Largest Case-to-Date of ID Theft It ended up the largest case of identity theft ever investigated and prosecuted in the U.S.--with 30,000 victims across the U.S. and Canada and millions of dollars in losses. It's also a cautionary tale for you--the consumer. First, the crime. Real Identity Theft Stories Case #3 | Celebrity ID Fraud Aug 23, 2018 The 15 biggest data breaches of the 21st century | CSO Online

By Dr. Suzanne Barber . Fake IDs are an important tool for terrorists, as evidenced by the recent attacks in Paris. News that some of the terrorists in Paris possibly used false passports to facilitate travel in Europe —and that at least one posed as a Syrian refugee to enter the EU— point to the fact that identity theft and fraud are directly tied to both national and global security.

Identity theft is on the rise in the U.S.; victims have ended up with debts and a bad credit file. The victim ends up with substantial debt and a harrowing time in correcting erroneous information on the credit file. Some criminals have even committed crimes using a victim’s name and identity. Thousands of dollars can be spent repairing the Top 10 Identity Theft Cases Tampa Tax Fraudster and Wife Sentenced in Massive Identity Theft Tax Fraud Scheme. On June 19, 2015, James Lee Cobb III, was sentenced to 324 months in prison, five years of supervised release and ordered to forfeit $1,820,759 in a money judgment and to pay restitution in the same amount. On June 30, 2015, Cobb’s

Famous Cases Dozens of Charges of Identity Theft in Anchorage. Two residents of Anchorage, Alaska, have been charged with dozens of counts of identity theft. Kelci Neal and Zachary Ensman stole checks from homes, mailboxes, and vehicles. They then opened bank accounts and deposited those checks using stolen identities. Identity Theft — FBI The 1998 Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, which amended Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1028 to make it a federal crime to “knowingly transfer or use, without lawful authority, a means Five of the worst cases of cyber crime the world has ever Jul 31, 2017