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AWS Marketplace | HERE HERE brings enterprise-grade, SLA backed location services on AWS Marketplace to bring location intelligence to the AWS developer community Decisiv Case Study – Amazon Web Services (AWS) Using AWS, Decisiv built a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) version of the SRM solution. The company then introduced Insite 2.0, a visualization platform based on Amazon Redshift that uses business intelligence technologies to enable better visualization …

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AWS charges a service fee of 12 percent of the total upfront price of each Standard Reserved Instance you sell in the Reserved Instance Marketplace. The upfront price is the price the seller is charging for the Standard Reserved Instance. When you register as a seller, the bank you specify must have a US address.

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The Reserved Instance Marketplace is a platform that supports the sale of third-party and AWS customers' unused Standard Reserved Instances, which vary in term lengths and pricing options. AWS Marketplace - Buyer Guide