Hero or Traitor? Edward Snowden and the NSA Spying Program

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In 2013, computer expert and former CIA systems administrator, Edward Snowden released confidential government documents to the press about the existence of government surveillance programs. According to many legal experts, and the U.S. government, his actions violated the Espionage Act of 1917, which identified the leak of state secrets as an act of treason. Yet […]

Edward Snowden was elected as rector of Glasgow University in March this year and inaugurated on 23 April. This week, he gave the official welcome for incoming students at the 2014 Freshers’ Address by video link. In a short address that was enthusiastically received by its audience, Edward Snowden made it clear that he would be taking his duties as rector seriously, and would be more While Edward Snowden’s Legacy May Be An Open Question More than Half of Millennials Unsure About Edward Snowden, the Rest are Split Between Calling Him a Patriot and Traitor Given the events associated with Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal earlier in 2013, our students focused on a series of questions aimed at understanding how young Millennials under 30 view the actions of Edward Snowden, freedom and privacy, and what may or

Jun 12, 2013

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