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KeePass / Discussion / Open Discussion: Classic App in the Sep 11, 2018 Which Keepass App do you prefer on IOS? : KeePass I'm thinking about moving from Bitwarden to KeePass to have full control over my data, but I'm concerned about one thing. I'll be using Nextcloud to sync the database between other devices, and I'm afraid that adding a password on my phone and shortly after on my PC would cause a conflict and data loss because NC or any other syncing app won't How to use KeePass on iOS (iPadOS) | KeePassium Dec 18, 2019 Use KeePass in both Windows and Android | PCWorld

KeePass / Discussion / Help: .kdbx file on iphone/itunes?

Oct 13, 2019 MacPass - a KeePass compatible port for macOS Synchronization. Changes made to your database outside of MacPass can be merged. No data is lost and all files are synchronized! You even can merge arbitrary files into one single database.

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